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The Chain's Origin Story

In the midst of the bull run of 2022, Monica discovered a remarkable truth about Miami – a city with people passionate about web3, yet no place for them to connect.

With a simple tweet to gauge the presence of the local web3 community, Monica's expectations were surpassed revealing an undeniable need for connection and IRL community for web3 builders in Miami.

In June 2022, The Chain was born, a community for local builders and forward-thinkers in the web3 space to connect through monthly dinners and keep the local web3 community up-to-date by launching a texting community that shares upcoming events, and a celebration of community wins.

In the past year, we've hosted 12 dinners & experiences, uniting 500+ people. Now, as we enter our growth stage, we're more intentional than ever in curating our community.



Monthly Dinners

Connect, learn, and thrive alongside Miami's brightest minds in web3 at our exclusive dinner club.


Exclusive Network

Access our database of local companies and builders in Miami’s web3 ecosystem.


Hottest Events

Stay informed on upcoming web3 events and local community wins through our weekly text updates. Text us at 305-871-9262 to subscribe.


Consulting Services

Hire us. Alongside running a community, we build communities and connect people as a service

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the chain


At The Chain Miami, we understand that every company or project aspires to have a thriving community, but not everyone possesses the time, expertise, or patience to build it from scratch. In addition to running an exceptional in-person community in Miami, our team at The Chain Miami specializes in helping businesses achieve financial success through a community-driven approach.


From inception to execution, we guarantee the curation of exceptional experiences that align with your business goals. Includes dinner parties, hackathons, masterminds, or conferences.


Tell us your vision for building a community, and we'll bring it to life. Includes community ideation, go-to-market strategies, Discord launches, and community management.


We believe in sharing knowledge. Tap into our expertise through educational resources, workshops, and tailored guidance to enhance your community-building efforts.


We are pioneering the framework for the future of communities. Reach out to us to learn more about our exciting initiatives in building niche micro-communities.

Meet the Team

Anna Gandrabura - Founder - English For IT

Anna Gandrabura

Founder - English For IT

Monica Rojas - Founder - The Chain

Monica Rojas

Founder - The Chain

Mitch Malinin - Frontend Web Alchemist

Mitch Malinin

Frontend Web Alchemist

Kyle Sonlin - Entrepreneur, Investor, Bestselling Author

Kyle Sonlin

Entrepreneur, Investor, Bestselling Author

Neha Jwala - Co-Founder, Marketer - Nifty Bridge

Neha Jwala

Co-Founder, Marketer - Nifty Bridge

Ashley Caines - Web3 Educator

Ashley Caines

Web3 Educator